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Vicodin Rating User Reviews 8. I get a monthly prescription of Norco 10 This site does not manufacture, prescribe nor sell any medications, it is an information only resource. There was an error detecting your location, please manually enter your location below. Printable Discount Card

It is going out towards my back which to me is more uncomfortable but doctor will not give me any thing for the pain. Non-prescription drugs like over-the-counter Tylenol are not affected.

Fri, May 02 '14, 7: Free substance abuse treatment information Caring, supportive guidance Financial assistance options, verification of insurance benefits All calls are confidential and will be connected to Delphi Behavioral Health Group. Sat, Oct 27 '12, Are there any other questions?

I can't afford the oxycodone or others we've tried. You're stupid if you take prescription drugs, or ever store sold drugs without having the symtoms The reason most places don't list prices for any controlled substance is due to the risk of theft, they don't actually want to put it out there and have people know whether or not they carry them. I did not go to the dr to get it.

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Updated 5 years ago in Hydrocodone. Updated 1 year ago in Suboxone. This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. They are just plain white with a score line on one side and flat on the other. If you research Vicodin, you will discover that under different dosages, and from different manufacturers, the combination of Acetaminophen, and Hydrocod Patients must obtain an original prescription from their doctor each time they need a new supply.

All of these combination medications are being changed, however, to contain You can follow the latest trends of Vicodin prices on the website streetrx. Very sorry for the sudden price change. Fri, Apr 17 '15, 1: Page 1 of 3.


How much does a script of vicodin cost